After working on our site for months we are thrilled to announce it is going to be launched soon!

With the growing interest to cryptocurrencies gaining ground among enthusiasts and major corporations, cryptocurrency industry has seen a steep rise in expansion over the last few years, grabbing attention of various users across the globe.

Amid the curiosity surrounding the digital tokens, and with the prospects of estimated 80% of the population within the next 10 years being engaged with blockchain in some way, we cannot help jumping on the bandwagon and diving into this opportunity pool.

Another factor that spurred us to come up with this product was the fact that the conventional banking approaches are far away from being perfect with a host of inconveniences like hidden fees, slow transactions and too much oversight from the authorities (read ‘lack of privacy’).

So, no wonder we are entering the crypto space with the platform of our own. We wanted to help the community of like-minded people to bypass all this hurdle.

Our product was never meant to be just another exchanger, we have an ambitious aspiration of launching the “go-to” exchanger - an online platform where anyone can instantaneously buy or sell cryptocurrency worldwide without the aforementioned limitations hassle-free.

The Cryptster is a P2P multicurrency exchange platform we are about to launch is going to be in no way revolutionary.

However, it boasts a distinct approach. First and foremost, we are trying to appeal to the audience relieving our customers of tedious identity verification process.

We’ve also tried to create easy-to-navigate interface with the view to make trades on our platform less of a hassle.

But we’ll leave it for you to judge.

Our platform features which we would like to highlight:

Free MultiSig wallet

When you sign up, the wallet comes free for your convenience. For reliable protection of your main assets, we use 2 x 2 MultiSig approach – double verification of transactions when your money is sent out.

As an extra measure of security, you may want to activate 2FA to better protect your funds and make withdrawals of your money safer.

300+ methods of payment

Buying and selling digital tokens is easier than ever with more than three hundred options of payment methods including cash deposits, gift cards and bank transfers.

2 factor authentication

Needless to say, in view of recent attacks on various companies, that it’s not a piece of cake to protect user safety and privacy.

We completely focus on safety of our clients’ assets. Activating 2-fa will not just give you the sense of security. It will add an extra layer of security.

Secure escrow

Thanks to blockchain industry and its decentralized ideology it has lured millions of users. However, the primary requisite of the success of the crypto revolves around safety of the assets. Our secure escrow will protect all your purchases, guaranteeing fair trading.

Secure encryption

The last but not the least feature in hierarchy of importance is good encryption. So yes, what you say on the Chat is absolutely private.