We are happy to announce the release of Cryptster's stable version

Hope you took full advantage of 0% grace period, and our guess is that you enjoyed our zero service-fee.

However, the time has come for another big milestone in our project. Upcoming is the new extended upgrade release. With that we are saying good bye to Beta and moving on to site’s stable version.
We would like to take this opportunity and express our gratitude to tech team and deep appreciation to all those who contributed to bringing about our product; for their extensive efforts that they put in making site exploration a positive experience for our clients.
A lot has been done to improve architecture, but for the most part it is about security of the platform. We also got rid of the system bugs and optimized the code to ramp up the upload speed.
And yes, now our service fees will make up to 0.25%. The fee will apply only to the owner of the offer – free for everybody else. Just pay the price indicated in the offer. Learn more about fees here

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